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Zagro d.o.o.

Purchase and distribution of agricultural products!

Company Zagro d.o.o., Ivana Gorana Kovačića 21, Mala Subotica was founded in 2008. It was founded in cooperation with company Zagro Michalovce S.R.O. from which we have great suport and with whos help we are growing in a recognisable company in a wider part of our region. Company bussines activites are mostly buying, distributing and selling agricultural products such as potatoes, onions, apples, walnuts and similar products. We also sell packaging related products and represent companies Domasz and Pro Vega from Poland which produce machines for packing, weighing and sorting of agricultural products.

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We are the exclusive representatives of the company Domasz from Poland, which is engaged in the production of machines for weighing, sorting and packaging of agricultural products.