Sorting and packaging machines

Electronic weighing and packing machine - WE-30 PLUS

Key features of WE-30 PLUS include:
- weighing goods in a self-calibrating container
- a range of 1-30kg
- automatic or manual pouring
- speed controller for pouring
- five-speed main belt
- five-speed weighing belt + weighing speed controller
- reducers for putting vegetables into 5-30kg bags
- hopper divider
- capacity for putting vegetables into 15kg bags - max 6 tons/h
- soundproof container for vegetables
- approved scales
- suitable to work with rollstock bagger RA-1

Power supply:
Electricity 3*400V 2.3 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air 5bar (DIN 17 male plug)

Electronic weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS is a modern and very efficient machine for weighing vegetables such as carrots, parsleys, etc. The construction of the machine is designed to work with rollstock bagger RA-1, which is also manufactured by DOMASZ. The automated WE-30 PLUS machine can fill the supplied products into bags or containers that are attached to the machine. The high capacity and accuracy of weighing is guaranteed by a five-speed extended main belt and weighing belt with variable speeds. Brushes, which hold vegetables during the weighing process, have a great influence on the speed and accuracy of weighing. These brushes are controlled pneumatically. A self-calibrating feature that accounts for the weight of the container for vegetables is another very important attribute of the weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS. This solution ensures that each portion of product is properly weighed and the container, which is often dirty with soil, will not affect the accuracy of the set weight. An important advantage of weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS is the fact that it has a removable hopper divider, which makes it possible to weigh smaller sized products. Weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS has a speed adjustment function for pouring, which is often useful when packing large vegetables into a small bag. The WE-30 PLUS machine also has, as a standard, reducers used for filling bags of different sizes. For more demanding users, we offer the machine made of stainless steel.

Automatic rollstock bagger RA-1

The most important features of the automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 include:
- packing various types of vegetable
- fully automated operation
- packing into 2.5-25kg bags.
- capacity while packing 10kg bags is 4t/h
- labelling
- vibration of the upper hopper (optional)
- vibration of the base of the bag (optional)

Power supply:
Electricity 3*400V 3.5 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air 5bar (DIN 17 male plug)

Automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 is a great machine that is fully automated and used for packing vegetables into raschel bags. The end product is a neatly packed raschel bag full of vegetables with a label across the entire width. Automatic rollstock bagger RA-1 is designed for use with an electronic weighing and packing machine WE-30 PLUS or multi-channel weighing machine WK-10. The combination of a rollstock bagger RA-1 and weighing machines manufactured by DOMASZ gives an excellent and fully automatic weighing and packing line. The device is designed to pack vegetables into bags with a weight of 2.5 to 25kg. The machine can be used for packing vegetables such as potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, etc. The automatic rollstock bagger takes bags from a reel, cuts them, and after filling the bag up, sews the bag and places a label over where the bag was closed. The rollstock bagger is equipped with a Fischbein "F" sewing head (single-thread head). We also have the same device made of stainless steel.


Key features of CS-55:
- simple and reliable construction
- 10 cleaning brushes (width: 55cm / 180 rpm)
- swivel wheel with height adjustment
- capacity of max 5 tons/h
- speed control system (optional)

Power supply:
Electricity 3 * 400V 0.75 KW (32A 5P plastic plug)
Compressed air is not required

The CS-55 brush cleaning machine is a reliable device for cleaning root vegetables. It is intended mainly for cleaning potatoes, beets, celery, etc. The machine is equipped with ten rotating brushes which move vegetables and press them using a rubber sheet. The brush cleaning machine has four swivel wheels with height adjustment. This machine can be used as a separate unit, but it is often used as part of the whole production line. DOMASZ also offers brush cleaning machines made of stainless steel and with variable speed control system (inverter).


Key features of ST-100:
- aluminum rollers resistant to deformation
- variable speed control (inverter)
- additional lighting
- working height adjustment
- rollers with brakes

Power supply:
Electricity 3 * 400V 0.75KW (32A 5P plastic plug.)
Compressed air is not required

The ST-100 roller inspection table is a reliable device that allows accurate and manual selection of different types of vegetables. Sliding and rotating products can be easily verified and manually removed to a different transport segment and go to, for example, a waste container or another belt conveyor. A very positive feature of the ST-100 table is the possibility of adjusting the speed of moving vegetables (using an inverter). The working comfort is also guaranteed by additional lighting, which ensures better selection. There are several size versions of inspection tables available. Substitution of traditional PVC rollers with more durable aluminum rollers is a guarantee for the user that even after many years of continuous operation damage or deformation will not occur. The ST-100 Roller inspection table can be used as a single device, but it is often used as part of the whole production line, which may also include other machines manufactured by DOMASZ. For more demanding customers we recommend roller inspection tables made of stainless steel.

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